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    Athabasca University Moodle Course Demo

    Welcome to this Athabasca University interactive course demo. This demo will help you learn the essentials of navigating through an an Athabasca University online course.

    Every online course makes use of a variety of components and interactive tools, and by working through this demo you will gain some understanding of the purpose and function of each component.

    Please feel free to click on the links throughout the site and try the discussion forums, glossary, quiz and any other interactive features you see here.

  • Moodle Features &...

    Moodle Features & Tools

    Moodle is an online Learning Management System (LMS). It is a template-based system to which content is added. This makes Moodle's interface very intuitive and allows for easy navigation. Users (students and tutors) specify their own time zone, and all dates (contract dates, calendar dates) are translated to that time zone.

    Over 1,150 organizations in 81 countries had registered Moodle sites by April 2004. This number is growing by about 10 per cent each month as educators and trainers learn the value of implementing open source Moodle.

  • What are AU Cours...

    What are AU Courses Like?

    Athabasca University teaches through distance education. Distance education, or distance learning, refers to university-level education that:
    • Allows you to work from anywhere, such as your home or workplace
    • Allows you to work at your own pace, with a schedule that suits your needs
    • Delivers courses though a broad spectrum of delivery methods such as print materials, teleconference, seminar, video and online
    For more information about distance education, course materials packages, tutors, and other services, please visit these websites:

  • What is the Histo...

    What is the History of AU?

    Athabasca University (AU) is Canada's leading distance-education and online university: Canada's Open University. We currently serve about 32,000 students per year, following a period of rapid growth which has seen student numbers double over a six-year period. Some 260,000 students have registered in AU's individualized courses and programs since the University was created by the Government of Alberta in 1970.

    For more information about AU's history, mandate, and alliances, partners and please visit the following links:

  • How Can I Become...

    How Can I Become an AU Student?

    If you would like to become an Athabasca University student, please visit the following links for information on programs, courses and registration procedures.

  • How Can I Contact...

    How Can I Contact AU?

    For more information about specific programs, courses, admission, and registration requirements, please contact the Information Centre.

    Canada/US: 1-800-788-9041
    International: (780) 675-6100
    Fax: (780) 675-6437

    Alternatively, you can ask questions to AskAU and receive immediate responses: