Using Your Online Course Site

This online environment is a place to use your electronic course resources and communicate with your tutor. This includes submitting your work and receiving feedback on it through the Assignment links (please do not submit assignments by email). You online course will have some or all of the following features:

  • The online Student Manual with information on how to successfully complete any Athabasca University course.
  • The Course Information with information you need to successfully complete this course. Read it through carefully before you start!
  • The online Study Guide laid out in units on the course home page. It will guide you through the course activities.
  • The Assignment links (under the unit headings on the main course page) are for submitting assignments electronically and receiving feedback from your tutor. For help on using assignment links, go to
  • The blog is for your own use. You may wish to use it to make course notes or as an online journal for reflections on study questions. For help on using it, go to
  • The wiki is a place for learners to work collaboratively online. For help on using it, go to
  • The Chat room is a place to meet with your tutor and peers in real time. It is similar to other chatting set-ups you may have used. For help on using it, go to
  • The Course Discussion Forum is a place for tutors and learners to exchange ideas and information relating to this course. You may have used similar asynchronous communication set-ups in other courses or online forums. For help on using it, go to
  • The Course Mail is provided for communication between the tutor and learners inside the course only. For help on using it, go to
  • The Resources heading has links to help you successfully complete your course work. Explore these so that you can use them as you need them throughout the course.

A link to Moodle Orientation for Students is provided on the course home page. This site should answer any further questions you may have about using this course environment.

Stay in touch with your tutor and enjoy your course!

Last modified: Wednesday, 10 October 2012, 1:18 PM MDT